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Meditation on Psalm 107

Meditation on Psalm 107

LORD MESSIAH JESUS, YOU have gathered us from the east and the west, the north and the south, every nation under the sun now has communities of the KING and YOUR disciples fill the earth. Let us give thanks for all YOUR gifts and YOUR eternal loving kindness. We have been saved from the dark kingdom of lies and bought into YOUR kingdom of life and truth.

Before you came to us we wandered in deserts, had no home, knew hunger and thirst. Our souls fainted within us but when we cried out to YOU, we found a home in YOUR love and fed on YOUR grace. For this we give YOU our grateful praise.

YOU have satisfied our thirst for truth, and fed us the good wisdom of YOUR word.

We who have known darkness, the shadow of death, and felt trapped and imprisoned YOU have set us free to be YOUR children.

Lord keep us from rebellion. Help us be humble and not proud. Even when we have fallen, lift us up. Hear our cries. Save us even though we do not deserve YOUR salvation.

LORD, YOU have defeated the strongest of chains to set us free. You are the great liberator and deliverer.

Keep us from the cycle of rebellion, repentance, and restoration and help us live in a sane, stable, and spiritual manner.

Let our heart actually experience thankfulness, appreciation, and awe for what YOU have done for us.

Put into our heart joyful singing.

YOU are the ruler of the storms and the king of the sea.

We are at our wit’s end as we face the power of YOUR wind.

Hear our cries and have mercy on us for we are but dust.

Allow us to get to a safe haven.

Change our fruitless lives into an abundant harvest.

Let us consider YOUR infinite lovingkindness and how you help the afflicted to find life.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy. Amen

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