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Jesus Only Jesus

I have come to think that really what determines so much is what we think about the person of Jesus. Who do we say, in our hearts, Jesus is at the gut level faith of our souls. If we don't think much of anything about Jesus then that means we are not his followers, disciples, or believers.

If we see Jesus as the hope of the world and our personal hope then HE becomes LORD to us. We can only make him LORD if our vision attracts us not just to get something from HIM. There must be a reflection, study, meditation, conviction, and adoration that springs up in our soul for Jesus. Then we become followers, disciples, and believers.

But how do we gain this?

1. Through the study of the physical universe if we begin to see that HE was the WORD that was spoken and made all things.

2. Through the Hebrew Bible if we look for foretelling of the Messiah and apply these to the person of Jesus they become powerful poetic visions of the Messiah that would stir our hearts to adore HIM.

3. Through the historical writings of the gospels where we have first-hand accounts of his life, words, character, actions, death, and resurrection. This "gospel" has the power to create faith in our hearts.

4. Through the Letters of the New Testament that give us a vision of a "Cosmic Christ" existing before time and ending history as we know it. He becomes the Alpha and Omega.

5. From the history of the Church in its reflections on Jesus, encounters with Jesus, musings about Jesus, and worship of Jesus.

6. From living Christians today that seems to have a deep, personal, intelligent, profound, and significant relationship with Jesus.

7. From personal encounters we may have with Jesus in times of crisis, prayer, or meditation.

Now we can ignore, neglect, or be cynical towards all of these. While it is true that those who seek find it is seldom when those who run from the light find anything but darkness. If we call darkness light and light darkness then we are in a profound state of spiritual poverty. But Saul is knocked to the ground and see Jesus, so one can never tell what may happen.

Since Jesus has had the most profound impact on human history than almost anyone else then investigating him would seem reasonable since HIS claims are so unreasonable unless HE is Lord.

C.S. Lewis is right. Jesus is either a liar, a lunatic, or LORD.

This has to go beyond head knowledge to where we become so captivated by Jesus that as Dr. Lewis will say our one great ambition should be to become "little Christs". But this only can happen to the degree that we really believe that Jesus is "THE ONE".

I more and more see that it is really all about Jesus. One way or another. It is all about HIM.


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