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Lent Day Ten

Lent Day 10

10) "My soul is consumed with longing for your laws at all times… My soul faints with longing for your salvation" (Psalm 119:20, 81).

Lectio Divina Rhythms/Process (Repeat three times):

(a) Read the Scripture passage outloud ("Lectio")
(b) Read the passage again; Reflect on the focus question below ("Meditatio")
(c) Read the passage again: Respond in quiet prayer/journaling ("Oratio")
(d) Rest in God's invitation for you to read your journal out loud to yourself ("Contemplatio")

1st Reading: What is one word or phrase the Holy Spirit impresses on you? Meditate on that.

longing for

2nd Reading: Enter into the Scripture passage. What do you feel? What specific situation in your life today relates? Write down a prayer or pray quietly.

Good, great, and merciful heavenly Father in Messiah Jesus, give me the right longings, desires, hungers, and thrusts. I long just for personal peace and prosperity all to often, but I need to have a passion for YOUR WORD and the restoring of the kingdom of life and light over the darkness. Lord, help me to seek first YOUR kingdom and righteousness more than anything else. Put in me YOUR longings that I might be controlled by YOUR passion. Amen

3rd Reading: What is God's personal invitation for you from the Scripture? You can write down what God may be saying to you or a prayer of thanks. Or rest quietly in God.

Rejoice in my revelation of salvation.

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