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Meditation on Psalm 102

Meditation on Psalm 102

Great disciplining Redeeming God of tough grace and love.
Help me endure the dark night of the soul when I feel you have hidden your face from me as I face distress. Hear my cry, incline YOUR ear towards me, and answer me quickly.

My days, the few days of my life, are consumed in smoke and fire. My strength is scorched.

My inner world feels beaten down and withered. Even my food is without taste.
I groan to YOU. I watch the world and see a wilderness and a desert.
Sleep escapes me and I feel isolated from everyone else.

The dark lord and his host who desire my destruction accuse me daily.
My food taste like ashes and I find myself weeping as I walk.
I feel cast away and my life has become a withering shadow.

BUT, Great Redeeming Creator and lover of my soul abide faithful forever and for all generations YOU have full authority.

YOU will arise and revive me. YOU will arise and revive YOUR Church.
It is time LORD Jesus Messiah to pour out YOUR grace anew upon her and have compassion upon her regardless of her wickedness, wounds, and wandering. Let it now be an appointed time to bring in TRUE and REAL revival.
YOUR servants find pleasure in the foundations YOU have laid for her revival and renewal. They feel pity for her even as she has been cast down at this moment in history into the dust.

Act now so that the nations will know that YOU KING Jesus are LORD of lords and KING of kings and will fear YOU as YOU manifest YOUR KINGDOM among YOUR people. May all the kings of the earth see and confess who YOU truly are and come to kiss YOUR feet in submission.

YOU KING Jesus will build YOUR Church and appear in her in glory.
YOU have heard the prayer of the weak and despised.
YOU will save.

This will be spoken about for generations and YOU will be praised because of YOUR great work.

Act now!

YOU have heard the cry of the persecuted Church, the groanings of the prisoner, and those doomed to die for YOU.

YOU will be spoken of in all nations in glory for YOUR great work.

Act now!

May all nations be discipled and a great host converted from every nation, tribe, and people.

LORD, grant I may see this before the end of my days and my weakness.
YOU created the earth and the heavens.
Nothing is impossible for YOU.

This earth and heaven will perish and will wear out. But YOU will change them into a new heaven and earth.

Bring back Eden to us on steroids!

YOUR kingdom come!
YOU are always the same, great Eternal one.
YOUR people will continue with YOU forever and ever.

LORD act now!

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