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Meditation on Psalm 105

Meditations on Psalm 105
LORD, fill my heart with thanksgiving and prayerful praise as I think about all YOUR faithful deeds done to fulfill YOUR word to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. May my meditations lead me to sing with joy of HIS wonders and marvels. 
Put into me a seeking heart. Let me hunger and thirst to know the YOU, true living God of Israel. 
Help me to trust that YOU LORD will remember YOUR covenant forever for a thousand generations.  
Let me not look at the weakness of YOUR people but at the infinite power committed to keeping YOUR promises. 
Even when we are sojourners and homeless YOU are with us protecting and providing.
We have been made in the Messiah Jesus your anointed prophets. We are to make every nation YOUR disciple.  
Israel wandered till taken into Egypt under Joseph for YOUR provision.
Joseph, rejected by his brothers, abandoned as dead, imprisoned and unjustly condemned as a rapist, is raised up to save them. He became the teacher and mentor of the princes of Egypt.
But the hearts of the people began to hate YOUR people LORD.  YOU turned them to have hearts of stone and fear.
Oppression came and YOU sent Moses to deliver.
Deliverance came through the signs of:
Out of these dark times, Israel as a nation was reborn. YOU lead them with clouds and fire.  
In the wilderness, they had food and drink. All was provided by YOU, great LORD.  
YOUR joy was in them as they were free.
YOU LORD assured the people that they would never be abandoned or forsaken.
YOU became their JOY.
YOUR great power to save and deliver is all aimed at leading us to love YOU with all our hearts.
Open my eyes to see YOU more clearly this day.  Amen

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