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Meditation on Psalm 106

Meditation on Psalm 106
LORD, I give YOU thanks for YOU are good, keeping all YOUR vows of love, acting consistent with YOUR love, help me to reflect who YOU are by guarding what is right, just, and true in all that I think, feel, and do.  
Pour out YOUR grace in the Messiah Jesus upon me and visit me with YOUR salvation, that I might see the wonder of YOUR KINGDOM and the redeemed humanity greater than anyone can count that I might proclaim the wonder of YOUR goodness, greatness, and amazing grace.  
Great God of compassion and grace, YOU do not forsake us even when we sin like our fathers, and their fathers before them.  LORD, we have committed iniquity and wickedness.  LORD allow us not to forget YOUR wonders or abundant kindnesses.  
Keep us far from rebellion such as the people had before the Red Sea.  YOU saved them despite their rebellion and sin.  For the sake of YOUR name YOU saved them.   In YOUR deliverance of YOUR people from Egypt and the destruction of YOUR enemies, YOU made known YOUR great infinite power.  You redeemed them from their enemy and have redeemed us from our enemy as well.  On that day they believed and sang YOUR praise.  But soon they would forget.  Help us not to forget. 
Help us to not take for granted YOUR works, word, or counsel.  Keep us from putting our desires ahead of YOUR will and ways.  Keep us from putting YOU to a foolish test as they did in the wilderness.  Do not give us what we desire only at the cost of true blessing from YOU.  
Save us from rebellion against those YOU have chosen to lead, help us not turn to idols and forget YOU are our one Savior.  Allow us to listen to YOUR voice and avoid murmuring against YOU secretly in the dark.  Raise up one like Phinehas who will have the faith to follow YOU even when all have turned away.  
Keep us from being rebellious against YOUR SPIRIT and from being rash in our words out of frustration.  Keep us from disobeying YOU because we think we have greater gain from sin than from trust in YOU. 
Help us not learn the ways of our culture and the practices of unbelief.  Teach us to guard our children and not sacrifice them to gain success or to success.  
LORD, YOU have delivered YOUR people many times.  Save us from rebellion and keep us from sinking down into iniquity.
Look upon our distress and hear our cries.  Give us the grace to cry to YOU.
Remember YOUR covenant, YOUR loving kindness, and compassion and save us, renew us, revive us, and reform us. 
May YOU the TRUE Redeeming Creator now be proclaimed for the greatness, goodness, and wonder of YOUR attributes, from everlasting to everlasting.  Let every nation give their AMEN to YOUR TRUTH and LOVE.   
I give thanks to YOU for all the mercy YOU have on me.  
Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy!  Amen
Phinehas [N] [H] [S]
mouth of brass, or from old Egypt, the negro.
Son of Eleazar, the high priest ( Exodus 6:25 ). While yet a youth he distinguished himself at Shittim by his zeal against the immorality into which the Moabites had tempted the people ( Numbers 25:1-9 ), and thus "stayed the plague" that had broken out among the people, and by which twenty-four thousand of them perished. For his faithfulness on that occasion he received the divine approbation (10-13). He afterwards commanded the army that went out against the Midianites ( 31:6-8 ). When representatives of the people were sent to expostulate with the two and a half tribes who, just after crossing Jordan, built an altar and departed without giving any explanation, Phinehas was their leader, and addressed them in the words recorded in Joshua 22:16-20. Their explanation follows. This great altar was intended to be for all ages only a witness that they still formed a part of Israel. Phinehas was afterwards the chief adviser in the war with the Benjamites. He is commemorated in Psalms 106:30 Psalms 106:31. (See ED.)  Easton Bible Dictionary.

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