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Meditation on Psalm 108

Lord, make my heart sane and stable. Fill me with YOUR Spirit. Give my soul a desire to sing thanks and praises to YOU. May I desire all nations to know of YOUR goodness, greatness, and lovingkindness in YOUR death and resurrection. 
May all see YOU as KING of kings and LORD of lords and the only hope and Savior. 
Defeat the enemies of my soul. Deliver us from evil! YOU have spoken and promised victory! Let me see these promises fulfilled in this time and place. 
I can only have victory in YOUR power and strength. If I fight without YOU, then all is in vain. 
Fill me with courage to fight for YOUR kingdom first in my own soul and then in all those around me. 
YOU Messiah Jesus have tried down the adversaries, may YOUR victory now give me victory. 
LORD have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy. Amen

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