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Meditation on Psalm 109

LORD, who I proclaim to be good, great, and massively full of merciful love; Do not be silent but respond to my desperate state. 
Why do my efforts to show compassion and love fail to bear fruit? Why does the evil seem stronger than the light? How can people resist YOUR grace and it seems to have no impact on how they live?
Keep me from returning evil for evil. Those who plot evil either convert or cripple their ability to do harm. 
Help me not seek revenge. Even when I suffer evil let me turn over to YOU the issues of justice. 
Protect the needy and weak from abusers and oppressors. Turn back those that seek to do harm to other in selfishness. 
Pour out your kindness upon me for YOUR name’s sake and show me grace and lovingkindness. I am afflicted, needy, and have a wounded heart. I feel like a shadow and so weak. Come now and save me according to your mercy and eternal love. Show YOUR power to save through my life. 
YOU are to be praised for YOU stand ready to save and deliver the needy. Thank YOU for YOUR salvation. 
Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy. Amen

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