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Meditation on Psalm 116

My Devotion (vs. 1&2) Redeeming Lord of Abraham and Creator of all things, help me remember when you have heard my voice and my cries for help. In remembering YOUR merciful answers to my prayers help my heart to love YOU for having an open ear to my struggles. Grant to me a prayerful attitude all the days of my life.

My Dilemma (vs. 3) Lord, you know that I find the circumstances of my life more than I can handle. There is death around me everywhere. The distress and sorrow of mourning is with me day by day.

My Dependance (vs. 4) Only YOU great God of grace in the Messiah Jesus can get me through these dark times. I have no ability or strength outside of YOU. Save my life from futility and frustration. Help now!

My Deliverance (5-8) Great Redeeming Creator, you are full of grace, compassion, and righteous. You preserve me seeing me as small, simple, and weak. YOU have saved me day by day from the darkness that surrounds me. You have rescued me from depression, despair, and have allowed me not to fall in unbelief. I praise YOU.

My Decision (9-14) Great and merciful Father in heaven allow me now the wisdom and grace to have lifestyle that will aways be one of faith here “East of Eden” Let me not trust in people but in YOU. Put in my heart one that desire to worship YOU and is dependent upon YOU in prayer. May YOU be the one in whom I trust. Help me to be faithful and keep my commitment to YOU always. May all people see the faith YOU have given to me for your glory.

My Delight (15-19) I am YOUR friend and servant great Savior. My birth and death are in YOUR hand. You have freed me from the condemnation of my sin through YOUR own blood and suffering. Thank you for all you have done. I will call upon YOU and only upon YOU for my salvation and strength. I will pay what I have promised to YOU and worship YOU with praise and admiration for who YOU are before everyone that they may know of YOUR greatness, goodness, and grace. LORD, may YOU be praised today!

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