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Meditation on Psalms 118:15-29

Psalms 118:15-29


Great Messiah Jesus, YOU are the right hand of God the Father, may YOU be exalted and seen to be KING of kings and LORD of lords. Help us see the victory YOU have won in YOUR suffering death and powerful resurrection. Because of YOUR victory, I will not die, not face condemnation, not live under the curse of sin, but know life, forgiveness, and resurrection into the kingdom of God forever. YOU have disciplined me for my good, for the purpose of purifying my soul and motivated only by YOUR love. YOU have not condemned me but saved me. LORD, let me be aware of YOUR discipline and see the reasons for it. Grant me a repentant heart and one sensitive to YOUR correction. Take from me the heart of stone and give to me the heart of flesh. Let me seek first YOUR kingdom and righteousness. Be my righteousness. Without YOU I can do nothing. Open the doors that will allow me to enter into a deeper and better understanding of YOUR ways and will in my life. I thank YOU for YOUR work in my life. I thank YOU for my salvation. YOU hear my cries and do not ignore me when I call upon YOU. YOU are my salvation. YOU are my hope. Great Messiah, YOU were rejected but now are the chief cornerstone of the new temple and kingdom. Everything rests upon YOU. This is marvelous and a mystery. This day of salvation, grace, renewal, and regeneration are YOUR creation LORD, and I rejoice with gladness as I reflect upon YOUR great work of redemption. YOU are an awesome God! LORD, today YOU know our needs of daily bread, repentance, forgiveness, purity, and protection. Save us today from all that threatens our soul and purpose. Make us fruitful for YOUR kingdom this day. Messiah Jesus may YOU be worshipped and exalted. May all of God’s people proclaim YOUR greatness and glory. YOU are worthy of our love and praise. Yahweh, YOU are the true Creator and ultimate power in the universe. YOU have given us revelation and provided for us a sacrifice for our sins in YOUR own suffering on the cross. YOU are the ultimate concern, value, and trust of my life. I deeply appreciate YOUR care and compassion towards me even when I was a rebel against YOU. I lift YOU up in my heart that I might see the wonder of YOUR attributes. YOU are good, great, and full of grace. Working all my grief for good while being my constant companion through life. YOU are trustworthy in character, competence, and compassion. YOUR lovingkindness is eternal. Help me remember who YOU are on the worst of days and find YOU to be a refuge of rest during hard times. I proclaim YOUR greatness and trust in YOUR love this day. Amen

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