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Meditations on Psalm 110

Great Messiah Jesus, YOU now sit at the right hand of the FATHER until all YOUR enemies are either converted or crippled. YOU are KING of kings and LORD of lords. YOU are God the Son become the Son of God. All authority is now given to YOU in heaven and earth. Help me see YOU as my KING. Messiah Jesus be my KING!
Awaken me and awaken all YOUR people to volunteer freely to serve YOU in joy! 
Great High Priest Jesus, YOU who have turned the throne of God from just condemnation of my sins to one of graceful acceptance. Great is YOUR mercy and sympathy for me. Give me the grace I need this day as I drown in my weakness. 
LORD, help me be prepared for YOUR second coming in power and judgment. Grant me a heart to seek YOUR kingdom and righteous this day in light of YOUR ultimate victory over all evil and rebellion against justice. 
Great KING, have mercy and watch over us as a good Shepherd. 
LORD have mercy, Messiah have mercy, LORD have mercy. Amen

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