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Meditations on Psalm 111

LORD, Redeeming Creator, YOU are good, great, and infinite in grace. Help me acknowledge your attributes, be thankful for them, and be filled with adoration. Grant that I will worship YOU and be in wonder of who YOU are. Allow me to give witness of YOUR true nature and salvation publicly without fear. 
Great wise Creator, what YOU have made is splendid and majestic. It is ordered, designed, and powerful. Both the artist and scientist delight in the study of all YOU have made and wonder at its wisdom and beauty. Help me to appreciate YOUR creation more and more. 
May the creation help us remember YOUR great attributes and power. May we see that he has made things right and that there was no evil in anything the Creator made. All was good, it was very good. 
YOU have been gracious and compassionate to YOUR people providing for them their daily bread. YOU have allowed us to see the wonder of YOUR death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. YOU have all power and authority and call all nations to now come and follow YOU. YOU have given YOUR people to be in YOUR universal kingdom. 
YOU have given us YOUR written word and allowed it to reveal to us truth and justice. YOUR revelation is upheld forever and ever. YOUR WORD is performed and is true. 
YOU have redeemed us. May YOU be praised for YOUR salvation. YOU have promised us that YOU will not leave us or forsake us. YOU are committed in love towards us. 
YOU great redeeming LORD of the covenant are awesome and great in all YOU have done to bring us hope.
Allow me to have a fearful love of YOU and help me to reflect YOUR truth and compassion in my life. 
May YOUR people be in wonder and awe of YOU forever and ever. Amen

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