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Prayer based on Ephesians 4:1-16

Prayer based on Ephesians 4:1-16

Lord, allow my lifestyle be such as is worthy of your great love for me in your sacrifice for my sins and resurrection to give me hope. Help me to remember that YOU have called me to YOURSELF to live by faith in YOUR love. Allow me to have a realistic view of myself and relate to others in longsuffering, compassion, and patience. Allow your love in me to give mercy and enduring grace to others as they struggle in this life.

Help me to work towards the unity and purity of the community of believers. Help me see what unites us and that we are united in YOU.

Lord, you ascended to heaven to have all rule and authority as Messiah over all nations and the universal Church. Raise up now for us and give us missionaries for all cultures and nations, sane and spiritual discerners of our times, those who have the ability to communicate clearly and with deep conviction your gospel, and leaders who will teach, live, and guide by a correct understanding of YOUR word. Give to us the gift of such leaders that we may be led by them into a time of revival, renewal, and reformation.

Allow us to gain from them the character, compassion, and competence to bring YOUR community of believers. to greater holiness, right thinking, right living, and unity. Allow us YOUR Church to mature and stabilize. Purge us of false teaching.

Help us to become filled with your love. Love of the truth. Love of compassion, Love of holiness. Love for each other. Love for those who are our enemies. Lord, help us become YOUR love incarnate that the world may see YOUR love in us.

Help me, Lord, to be part of this great awakening. Wake me up!

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