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Preparing for Communion this Sunday

Getting Ready for Communion this Sunday

Step One: Plan to attend church at 11:00 AM

Read Psalm 77:11-12; Luke 22:19; 1 Corinthians 11:23-25

The theme of remembrance is one of the most familiar, yet powerful motifs inherent in the Lord's Supper. One would hardly think that those who have been redeemed would need to be reminded of God's grace shown in Jesus Christ. But we do.

So almost every time we meet at the Lord's table we are reminded of his command to remember: "Do this in remembrance of Me."

Things to do

Retrace the final events of Jesus' life leading up to Calvary,

Note that remembrance is commanded. We have authority for doing this—ordained by Christ himself.

Note that remembrance is visible in the bread and cup—'This is my body" and "This is my blood."

Note that remembrance strengthens us. Our faith is strengthened and built up through eating, drinking, and remembering. Zwingli said, "Eating is believing and believing is eating."

Note, finally, that while this remembrance is historical, it is also personal. Jesus doesn't ask us to remember the date, place, etc. We are never told to "Do this in remembrance of my death." The command is "Do this in remembrance of me." Our relationship with Christ is a personal one: "Come unto me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

Ask the LORD to prepare your heart, confess your sins to the Lord, and seek to have thankfulness for YOUR forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

By grace alone,

Pastor Norm

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Prayer Time - 9:30am

Sunday School - 10:05am

Worship - 11:00am